Do it like Mo SALAH & Roger FEDERER & Tom BRADY

OASISforHEALTH (“OfH Meditations”) 1-minute chakra meditations (practiced anywhere, anytime) combines MINDFULNESS and Kundalini Meditation techniques to achieve the state of Satori in Zen. Roger Federer, at the age of 37, has won an all-time record 20 Grand Slam singles titles and has....

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Industry uses BIASED Research to boost PROFITs regardless of CONSUMER HEALTH

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ MONSANTO   TRIAL by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. ……….   the essential values and future of our country once again are on trial. .......Dewayne Lee Johnson, a young black man who is dying of a debilitating and agonizing form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that he says he contracted from contact with the ubiquitous weed killer Roundup. .................................. [this] case is the spear-tip of a new American rebellion. It marks the first jury trial of similar legal claims already filed by more than 5,000 Americans against Roundup’s manufacturer Monsanto (now owned by the German chemical giant Bayer)! ...........  [source] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~     California can...

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SERENA WILLIAMS wins with the scientifically-proven QUIET-EYE (ZEN)

recent BBC report: quiet-eye training has not only helped Serena win her Grand Slams, it has improved the performance of athletes in many sports: golf, volleyball, basketball, etc. Phil Jackson earned the title "ZEN Master" in winning his record 11 national basketball championships. We IMPROVE YOUR PERFORMANCE

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Research published in the journal Nature Communications, in January 2018; shows that short-chain fatty acids (SCFA), found in saturated fats like ghee and also generated by good gut bacteria working on fiber from your diet, orders the DNA chains in the cell walls of  your gut.  This ordering (via crotonylation) of the DNA, helps your genes properly regulate your cell metabolism (energy, longevity).  SCFAs help prevent leaky gut syndrome, reduce inflammation (immune system), and have a positive impact on brain function. Keeping your DNA straight is one reason (some) Saturated FATS are GOOD for you ..... but refined SUGAR never is.   Preventing HEART ATTACKS is another...

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Neurotoxin in Your Drinking Water

Without Your Informed Consent!! Lowers your IQ It's more poisonous than LEAD Damages your Hormone Functionality: affecting WEIGHT control, sleep, SEXUAL health, etc Damages the "master gland": the Pineal ("3rd eye") Can't be removed by You, using common water filters And you're paying for it to be done. We figure you'll be more than a little indignant! Fluoride is added to drinking water by many municipalities.  It is also found in many toothpastes and dental hygiene products.  You may also ingest it with drinks prepared with fluoridated water. "The decline in tooth cavities has been the same in fluoridated and non fluoridated...

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